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Our Story

Amor Fati's mission is to help you reduce energy consumption while lending a hand to those struggling most with the increased cost of living.

The brand's founders are Italian tech entrepreneur Carlo Burci and British designer Ben Richardson.

The idea for The Heated Jumper came after a trip Carlo took to Rome to visit his mother, Giuseppina.

The war in Ukraine had just started, and the news reported gas prices were likely to go up.

Giusy decided to turn her gas off in protest of the war.

When Carlo arrived home, his mum wore two hoodies and a robe around a freezing home determined to not consume gas.

As the weeks and months went by, the cost of living across Europe noticeably increased. It was no longer something anyone could ignore.

A device to keep energy consumption low was worth pursuing, but how could it help those unable to afford the device?

To that end, Carlo and Ben merged their skill sets to build a brand around a high-performing product that not only reduces demand for energy, but lends a hand to the most vulnerable.

The Heated Jumper's been through over 200 hours of trials where an innumerable amount of feedback was gathered and applied.

It's the result of a remarkable effort in interdisciplinary design and engineering. Everyone involved worked with great passion to bring it to life. We know you'll love it as much as we do.

Thanks for being here.